On November 3rd, Bob was a guest presenter at the 2017 Parsons Audio Expo where he gave a lecture on high resolution audio and the sound of vinyl.

Bob took a look at the new 38 page “Recommendations for Hi-Resolution Music Production” document written by a group, which included Bob, from the Producers and Engineers Wing of The Recording Academy. Taking almost 3 years to complete, the committee, interviewed many A&R people, recording engineers, producers, and artists in different genres. It is a comprehensive look at this new paradigm. Hi Definition can be a bonus profit stream for artists and producers.

Vinyl is a hot medium these days. Young engineers will be asked to approve test pressings of projects they have done. Many of them are not familiar with the process of making vinyl, let alone how to approver a test pressing. Bob spoke about the vinyl medium’s specifications and showed an 8 minute video, produced by Stereophile Magazine’s Michael Fremer, showing how a vinyl record is manufactured.

After the lecture many people asked for his presentation to posted online.
Here is a slightly smaller version of his lecture in Apple Keynote and Powerpoint format:

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Apple Keynote:

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